Miss NY Spoke on Child Abuse

IMAG0182Mallory Hagan currently Miss NY spoke at the North Shore Rotary last night. Her topic was child abuse. She had some staggering statistics on how many people are affected by it.  She spoke about what could be done and the difficulties and ramifications of not speaking out. It is surprising how many people don’t alert the authorities out of fear of a controversy and the expense of an abused child.  She drove home the importance of speaking out for the sake of the children involved. Mallory recommended donating to The Child Abuse Prevention Program the Website is http://www.cappnyc.org/

Mallory will be competing in the Miss America contest on January 12th. You can vote for her online as America’s choice. We appreciate that she came in and brought a serious and hard to speak about subject to light. Thank you Mallory for your efforts. We will be cheering and voting for you on January 12th. Good Luck!

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