About NSR

The North Shore Rotary of Staten Island has been serving our community for many years.We meet at the Staaten every Thursday night at 7:00 for fellowship and philanthropy. Every year we construct a few fundraisers to help people and organizations in the Staten Island Community that need help. Our Annual Bowl-a-Thon and Culinary Delights, are some of our most effective fundraisers, thanks to the participation and generosity of the people in our community and our group.


This year please help us to help people on Staten Island and all over the world. We put a board together that researches and interviews hardship cases and organizations that can help people in need locally and globally. We make sure that your donations go to groups that can do the most for the cause.


We know that during trying economic times like these, it's hard to dig deep and give, but this is the time that people who need help need it most. Help us help them.


Donate Now or Join and become part of a groupthat strives to make a difference, and has a great time accomplishing our goals.