North Shore Rotary Club Community Service Scholarship Award

The North Shore Rotary Club annually presents one Staten Island Student a scholarship award based on their Community Service efforts and the student’s intention to continue education after high school graduation.  The continued education may be at public or private trade school, technical or secretarial school, college, university or institute of higher education.  The scholarship will be awarded based upon the quality and extent of community service completed by a student over their high school career. This would include organized volunteer work, as well as group and individual efforts to improve the quality of life in his/her neighborhood, community or borough. Academic achievement is not a primary criterion for this award, although it is expected that the recipient would have maintained grades consistent with the ability to benefit from the scholarship. School based activities should not be included, unless they are community service activities. Please Note: Do not include a high school transcript, as scholastic achievement is not a criterion for this award.  Applicants will be judged ONLY on their Community Service. The scholarship is a two-year renewable award distributed in 2 years.  In 2016, the award was increased to $4,000 per year.  For a maximum of $8,000. Applications due by April 25th, 2024.

2024 Scholarship Application Scholarship Community Service Profile

Questions can be directed to: Gale Strassberg, North Shore Rotary Scholarship Program Chair, e-mail:

North Shore Rotary Scholarship Award Recipients

2023Julia LallaSt. Joseph Hill Academy
2022Alyssa SimoneS.I. Technical High School
2022Mitchell HartmanSt. Joseph by the Sea High School
2021Olivia LombardoStaten Island Academy
2020Marissa D’AntoniMichael J. Petrides School
2019Kaleigh McDonaldStaten Island Academy
2018James VendittiMoore Catholic High School
2017Sheryl ChenS.I. Technical High School
2016Anjola VerizzimoSt. Joseph Hill Academy High School
2015Julia Marie D'AlessioSt. Joseph Hill Academy High School
2014Brianna FugateSusan Wagner High School
2013Dana TedescoNotre Dame Academy
2012Essenam DankuCurtis High School
2011Claire TedescoNotre Dame Academy
2010Abdul HafizSusan Wagner High School
2009Mary BotelhoS.I. Technical High School
2008Michelina FerraraS.I. Technical High School
2007Rachel AkintayoCurtis High School
2007Eva AmesseS.I. Technical High School
2006David DiLilloPort Richmond High School
2005Ferhina Sultana AliSusan Wagner High School
2004Kaye EstiocoCurtis High School
2002Ryan HeffernanCurtis High School
2001Susan GeorgeSusan Wagner High School
2000Kiran Nasir GoreSusan Wagner High School