From Scout to Scholar, Jeremiah Bishop earns North Shore Rotary Community Service Scholarship Award

Jeremiah Bishop (center) flanked by Suzanne Demetrio, Club President and Gale Strassberg, North Shore Rotary Scholarship Committee Chair, during the scholarship presentation.

In 2024, the North Shore Rotary Community Service Scholarship Award, an $8,000 scholarship presented annually to a graduating senior based on their community service efforts and educational aspirations, was awarded to Jeremiah Bishop. Jeremiah’s journey of service and dedication began long before this recognition.

Jeremiah’s first steps into the world of service started at the age of seven when he joined Cub Scout Pack 76 at Christ Church New Brighton. Transitioning into Boy Scout Troop 76 in sixth grade, he embraced the Scout’s ethos of community service. Over the years, Jeremiah has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to helping others, earning the rank of Life Scout and aiming for the prestigious Eagle Scout rank.

Jeremiah’s contributions are numerous and varied. Every first Saturday in November, he participated in the annual Scouting for Food drive, collecting donations at a local Key Food store for Christ Church’s food pantry. He assisted in setting up and breaking down tables and chairs for various church events and maintained the church grounds. He also helped his fellow Scouts with their Eagle projects and played a significant role in the maintenance of the community vegetable garden at Skyline Park.

One of his standout projects was working at Skyline Garden. Here, Jeremiah and his troop took on tasks such as de-weeding, watering, composting, installing new herb beds, laying down foundations, and planting. For three months, he served as the main inspector of the garden, ensuring that it met the community’s needs. His efforts were recognized by the local newspaper, highlighting his dedication to providing fresh produce to the community.

Jeremiah also contributed to environmental conservation through Troop 76’s birdhouse building initiative, which provides homes for birds across Staten Island. His community service extended to organizing annual canned food drives, neighborhood clean-ups, and setting up new gardening beds at Christ Church.

Parallel to his Scouting achievements, Jeremiah is pursuing a career in nursing as he attends Seton Hall University in the fall. He joined the Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) program at Curtis High School, a rigorous course that accepts only 24 students. His clinical practice began in his junior year, where he provided care for the elderly, including making beds, cleaning rooms, assisting with bathing, maintaining hygiene, and helping with meals. In his senior year, his responsibilities increased to include administering medications, taking blood pressures, and performing diabetic fingersticks, all while maintaining his previous duties.

“Jeremiah exemplifies the spirit of service we seek to honor with this scholarship,” said Gale Strassberg, Scholarship Committee Chair. “His dedication to community service through Scouting, his contributions to environmental conservation, and his commitment to nursing make him a standout recipient.”

Jeremiah’s dedication to community service is evident not only in his major projects but also in his numerous smaller acts of kindness, such as assisting with the food pantry at Stapleton UAME Church and setting up for the Unity Games at Wagner. He has lived through Hurricane Sandy, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the ongoing drug crisis on Staten Island, and through it all, he has remained committed to making his community a better place.

“His accomplishments are truly inspiring,” added Suzanne Demetrio, Club President. “Jeremiah’s leadership, compassionate spirit, and dedication to both his community and his education embody the values we cherish and strive to promote. His core values and solid foundation can indeed serve as a guiding light for others.”

Jeremiah Bishop’s story is a testament to the power of service and the impact one dedicated individual can have on their community. His dedication, leadership, and compassionate spirit make him a deserving recipient of the North Shore Rotary 2024 Community Service Scholarship Award. This scholarship will enable him to continue his education and further his mission of service, ultimately contributing to the betterment of Staten Island and beyond.

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