North Shore Rotary Club Recognizes Three Seniors for Community Service

At this weeks club meeting, the North Shore Rotary Club showed our special appreciation for three members in our community – women whose long and productive lives have enriched their families, their neighborhoods and our borough.

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As one of the 34,000 Rotary clubs across the world deeply involved in community service, we understand the need for and power of each and every individual to do his or her part to make the world a better and kinder place.

These women have done just that. They were not looking for awards or prizes or accolades – they just wanted to do the right thing – and judging by the outpouring of affection and  applause that accompanied their nominations – they accomplished what they set out to do.

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Greta Andrade currently works at Vanderbilt Nursing Home and in addition to her work hours, she volunteers with the recreation staff on her days off.  In spite of suffering a stroke over 20 years ago, she continues to work and volunteer.  Greta has been an integral part of the volunteer team at St. Elizabeth Ann’s for the past 7 years.  Each Thursday for the past 12 years, despite her family obligations and commitment to her parish and work, Great makes time to go to St. Elizabeth Ann to lead Rosary Hour.  As a member of the Staten Island Chapter of the Stroke Club for 7 years she provides help and support to stroke victims and their families.

Mary Louise Brown’s community work includes membership and leadership in the Port Richmond Board of Trade and the Northfield LDC, where she served as a Board Director and Secretary for many years.  In 1978, the Port Richmond Board of Trade awarded the “Outstanding Service to the Community Award” to her for that year.  She is an active member of Our Lady Mount Carmel Rosary Altar Society and has been the Sunshine Chair since her children attended school there.  She also contributed to church life serving as a lector and Eucharistic minister for over 20 1-1

photo 4-1Mary Voytus at 90 years young, tirelessly volunteers 5 days a week at the Great Kills Friendship Club doing various activities, organizing parties, and serving meals to the handicapped.  She has been a member of SERVE since May, 1999.  Mary also volunteers for the Martha Mary Group at Messiah Lutheran Church where she makes pillows, gifts, and tags that are donated to the Golden Gate Nursing Home. 

Many thanks from the North Shore Rotary and the commmunity of Staten Island for all you have done! 

CLICK HERE for full bios and the event program.

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